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Tiltable crucible furnace fuel heated

Type: KLV / KSV

Hydraulic tiltable, fuel-heated crucible furnaces for light, soft and heavy metals.
It is heated by oil or gas burner.
Mainly used in sand casting and gravity die casting .
As a pure holding furnace with liquid metal insert reduced burner output is provided.
Quiet operation, high thermal efficiency and good insulation and favorable burner arrangement produces maximum furnace performance.


For soft, heavy and light metal, melting temperature max. 1300 ° C.
Depending on the type of metal, a graphite or SIC crucible is used.

Al Pb Zn Mg Cu/Rotguss Ms/CuSN
 Capacity [kg] 120-1200 100-30000 600-2400 150-1600 100-1800 100-1800
Capacity of melting [kg/h] 145-500 300-5500 350-900 120-330 110-420 140-400



KSV with operating platform


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