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Amortisation KLVER

By using of the hot exhaust gases for preheating the combustion air, the fuel consuption is rediced by appox. 30% as compared to conventional gas burners.

As the exhaust gas tempearture is reduced, the exhaust gases can be directly passed into a flue.

You can calculate the point when the additionals price is amortised in your company compared to the conventionally heated furnace with the following calculator.

This calculation is made for a gas-heated tiltable crucible furnace with a capacity of 1100kg aluminum .
Amortization calculations for other furnaces are available of course.


calorific value natural gas (kW/m³):
consumer prices (€/kWh):
classic tilting crucible furnace with oil or gas burner
recuperative burner
melting rate: 410 410
heating power (kW): 512 372
natural gas consumption (m³/h): 0 0
specific consumption
per 1000 kg metal (m³):
0 0
consumer prices (€/m³): - -
energy costs: 0 0
price difference in energy costs
per 1000 kg metal (€):
amortisation after: 0 tons of metal