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Tiltable crucible furnace with electrical heating


Tilting crucible furnace for melting light metal alloys with electric heating.
Use area in all foundries or pre – smeltery for feeding holding furnaces or for direct casting.
Can also be used as tilting holding furnace.
Versatile use by good regulation of the tilting speed and Tempperature control.

Advantages of the electric furnace

  • Silent operation
  • Low heat losses through high-quality insulation
  • No exhaust system needed
  • Accurate temperature control


  • Standard design for the use of graphite or SIC crucible
  • In case of magnesium using a steel crucible with protective gas
Al Pb Zn Mg
Capacity  [kg] 330-1200 200-5000 800-2400 200-1600
Capacity of melting [kg/h] 95-300 200-3000 330-640 120-300


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