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Transport ladle with electric heating



Electrically heated thermos ladle for the transport of liquid aluminium alloys from the premelting furnace to the points where the alloys are required, e.g. holding furnaces, low pressure furnaces, automatic casting devices, sand moulds or dies.Also suitable as dead melting or transition container with transporting possibility. Can be transported to the point of metallurgical treatment with a crane or fork lift or by means of a roller frame. Low heat loss because of a light high-quality fibre insulation.


330-1100 kg Aluminium


  • Standard design fort he use of a graphite or SIC crucible.
  • For magnesium: steel crucible with additional lid.

Type of heating:

Heating bowls that can be exchanged individually from the top. Current supply through flexible leads with aluminium connectors.

Regulation of the heating:

Through a thermocouple in the wall of the crucible and in the heating chamber only. Automatic switching-on by timer with weekend switching-off device.The energy consumption is checked though a heating hours counter and an ampere meter.


Type: TPEM

Transpot furnace with resistance heating for melting, holding and metallurgical tratment of aluminium alloys, heating elements can be replaced from the outside.

Capacity: 170 – 1000 kg Al
Melting rate: 60 – 190 kg/h Al

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